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Everything You Need to Know About Dental Lumineers

Smile makes your personality more charismatic. Ever felt the need to smile less to hide your teeth for pictures or when you meet people? Ever heard about dental Lumineers? Dental lumineers are the ultra-modern way to enhance your smile.

Learn More About Dental Lumineers

Lumineers are the new age ultra-thin porcelain covering for your teeth. They are the next step in the evolution of veneers. Lumineers are strong and thin at the same time. They are more lasting and have an effective result in most of the dental cases. Making your smile shine like never before couldn’t get easier, as Lumineers are the perfect solution for discolored and crooked teeth.

What Issues Can Be Addressed with Dental Lumineers?

These are some cases in which you should consider getting Lumineers:

  • Stained teeth

  • Chipped off tooth

  • Renewal of old dental work

  • Teeth reshaping

  • Tooth alignment for crooked teeth

  • Eliminating excessive space or gaps in teeth

Differences Between Dental Veneers and Lumineers

Veneers and Lumineers are the two most popular options available for restorative cosmetic dentistry. Lumineers are gaining momentum as it’s very easy to apply as compared to veneers. Also, lumineers are unique in a way that they are ultra-thin (approximately 0.2 mm) and highly translucent, allowing them to replicate the natural appearance of enamel. While traditional veneers are much thicker, requiring the grinding down of your original tooth structure, Lumineers are so thin that little to no tooth reduction is necessary. In addition to that the durability of Lumineers allows them to resist wear and remain resilient to last over 20 years.

What Does Getting Lumineers Entail

2- 3 visits to your dentist will bring out your beautiful smile with Lumineers. Here’s how it works:

1st Visit: Initial consultation and x rays of your teeth 2nd Visit: Impressions of your upper and lower teeth are sent with the mold to an authorized Lumineers laboratory ensuring the very best case for you. 3rd Visit: Your dentist will fix your lumineers ensuring perfect fit.

Getting started couldn’t be easier. Now flash your smile like never before!

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