Jul 19, 2018

Natural and complete smile by Lumineers

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I believe that the key to get perfect smile is the skills of the dentist you are going to work with. I was choosing carefully, read a lot of reviews, made couple consultation with different dentists before I ended up with Dr. Michael Ofir. In my case, there were several options I could choose from (veneers, lumineers, invisalign, etc) and Dr.Ofir explained me the pros and cons of each. He was fair enough and didn’t push towards the most expensive option (as usually dentists do).

I’ve never liked my teeth and how they looked when I smile. My husband decided to support me in this, he gave me the Perfect Present for our 10th anniversary - My Perfect Smile. I chose to go with lumineers as it was seemed for me one of the best option I could get to not cut my teeth in half (as for veneers) and make my smile beautiful. It was 6 years ago, and for all that time I had one minor chip that was easily fixed by doctor. I really happy with my decision as I have more confidence and it made me kind of more positive person. I do not feel stressed and shy when I smile. My husband is also happy as I’m not the grumpy person any more (I used to smile really rare before my lumineers).

Once again, big thanks to Dr.Ofir and his team for being so caring and profissional!


If you are still not sure which option is the best for you, just get the consultation maybe even more than one just to be sure. The procedures are not that cheap, that is why you need to be smarter and do not rush.

Aug 30, 2018

Agreed! Doctor Ofir has amazing touch. He did my veneers. I love it!

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    Apr 1

    A great white smile is a dream of all people. It is necessary that you do all the efforts to make it that way. If you don't have that white smile naturally, you can have it with the help of dental treatments. Teeth whitening, dental cleaning are some methods which helps in getting a proper smile makeover. One can get the information by visiting the dentistry.
  • Paul B.
    Sep 26, 2018

    I had really great experience at Avalon Dental office. Their technology is impressive, their staff is really great. I found particularly impressive is that Dr.Ofir and his staff were truly interested in and excited about the lumineers that I was getting done, also they were so helpful along the way. I feel that I got good value in terms of price and being honest I feel that the technology, attention to detail, and the personalized support I received were excellent. I have already passed along their contact information to multiple people, and would happily discuss my experience with anyone! Thank you for my beautiful new smile Dr. Ofir and staff at Avalon Dental Center!

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