Renee G
Aug 23, 2018

Is Veneers a Nightmare or the Perfect Smile?


I've always had bad teeth and cavities due to my poor genes. Since I was a little I had fear of dentists that had kept me from getting full treatments. Also I had preferred to pull teeth rather than getting root canals treatment. This bad practice eventually caught up with me and I ended up with only 2 bottom molars on my right side. I was still terrified of dentists, I ignore the problem. Eventually I got a cavity on one of the my molars and one of my front teeth broke off.

Finally I decided to take care of my problems. I went back to the dentist - after many years of ignoring their recalls to come for dental check up and cleaning. Both the doctor and staff were very friendly and did everything they could to make me feel comfortable. My options, however, weren’t that good (of course - I didn’t expect easy solution): I could either have my broken tooth capped, the back tooth fixed and go back to chewing on one side until something else broke, or I could have the back tooth fixed and a set of nice veneers which would give me my first straight pearly smile ever.

True, the veneers were the way more expensive option, but I believe they'll do wonders for my self-esteem. I've never smiled of pictures, because I've always been embarrassed of my teeth.

So, story starts: after 6 hours of dental work under IV sedation - I got the temp veneers set yesterday and I must say (in addition to the pain) they feel gross! They're thick and bulky, making it hard to chew food. It feels like I'm chewing food with a plastic mouth-guard quite honestly. They were felt so artificial to my mouth that they evoke a gagging sensation.

I believe they're better suited for people who have more than one back tooth to begin. In fact, the nurse told me I should try chewing mostly with my back teeth during the temp stage. Furthermore, the one back lower tooth I had no longer meets with my back upper teeth, making chewing nearly impossible.

The temps look ok from the front, but the two of the right seem to stand out a bit. This was an underbite before, but now I become a rabbit.

I'm supposed to go back for correction, but with no sedation this time - making me even more afraid.

I still in process that is why I am not sure if it's "worth it" or not, but I will keep you with updates!

Aug 30, 2018

I had a great experience with Dr.Ofir. You should definitely keep us with updates. I always wanted to hear other stories and their experience!

Sep 26, 2018

I had amazing experience with Dr. Ofir. Please keep us posted!

Nov 17, 2018

Hello, my name is Dr Michael Ofir. If you have any concerns or questions about Dental Veneers or Lumineers I will be happy to assist. Ask any time!

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  • Ben Allen
    Sep 7

    Going into the veneers process I really didn’t know much about how it all worked and I did not know anyone personally to talk to about it. So I was simply searching reviews. I hopped on Google to find the most reputable cosmetic dentist in Massachusetts area to do a consult. I found the Dental Veneers and Lumineers and I really loved their reviews so I contacted them. It was really awesome consult and I made an appointment. And finally made my way to Dr.Ofir Michael, the Dental Veneers and Lumineers a serendipitous discovery if I've ever had one. He's a very professional dentist and, lucky for me, I was able to have him work on my own smile. After evaluating my teeth and listening to my own hopes and dreams for their future look, Dr.Ofir Michael explained he'd apply veneers on the top and bottom of my teeth. During the consult, Dr.Ofir's assistants took molds of my mouth to create the look of temporary veneers, which are sculpted using a liquid composite. Everything is taken into account when creating your new smile, from the way you talk to the shape of your face, so that’s all works together seamlessly. At my next appointment, he applied the temporaries to my teeth (around a three-hour procedure). Once my teeth were done and ready the final procedure was super easy! They removed my temporary teeth, gently placed my new teeth in one by one to ensure I loved them and then bonded all of them. Once everything was bonded I was good to go and my veneers were on. Finally, I came back once more for a bite check and final approval. It was a crazy feeling! When you see your new teeth for the first time it is amazing and I will tell you it takes a few days to get used to them but now they feel like my own teeth and I don’t even see them as veneers. Now when I look in the mirror I feel so much more confident that I found Dental Veneers and Lumineers . My smile is brighter, the teeth fill out my mouth much better, and my whole face has a different. In the days following my final veneers appointment, I found myself smiling much bigger and wider. My smile has changed and my confidence has changed and it is all because of my teeth! Dr.Ofir Michael has completely changed my outlook more than I ever thought possible, and I couldn't be happier. Overall I am so happy with my experience and so happy that I took the plunge. If you’re considering veneers I highly recommend finding Dr.Ofir Michael, Dental Veneers and Lumineers in Massachusetts area and just go in for the consult to see what he says!
  • lcdshop01
    Apr 9

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  • lcdshop01
    Apr 6

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