Jan 6, 2018

Had to remove my veneers


Hey, guys! I wanna share with you the experience I had with my dental veneers. First, I had veneers done by a dentist named Ali at a Gentle Dental office which I regret so much now, but the price was cheap and now I know why… I got poor fitting veneers which caused puffiness, inflammation and big, white, fake-looking teeth. Two weeks ago, I realized that I could no longer live with that and scheduled an appointment with Dr. Ofir. After a consultation with Dr. Ofir, it was determined that the veneers should definitely be removed and replaced with temporaries for 6 weeks. The traumatized, inflamed tissue definitely needs to rest and heal before new veneers are placed. The worst part of the experience was the loud, unbearable grinding noise when he was removing the old veneers but I was given earplugs which helped. Dr. Michael commented that there was a considerable amount of bleeding and that the pain and inflammation on the tongue side near the gum line was caused from the cement being left and being pushed through the front teeth. My old dentist and periodontist couldn't determine the cause of the pain and dismissed it saying that the tissue was still healing -- wrong! The old periodontist's solution to the gum inflammation was to numb the area and do a deep scaling and cleaning -- also wrong! He thought the biological width issue and inflammation would resolve itself after a few months. After one week, with the new temporaries, my gums look and feel so much healthier!!!! I am experiencing some sensitivity to hot and cold, but no real pain. The temporaries look ok, a bit yellow and not too smooth but feel very secure and comfortable. I am going to be very proactive in getting the final veneer shade and size just right! Dr. Ofir plans on doing several try-ins to make sure everything is right. He has asked for feedback on the temporaries on what I like and don't like and we will discuss this at my appointment tomorrow. At this point, I am hopeful that I will be happy with the final outcome the second time around. One concern is that the gum tissue continues to rebound and more of my gums are again showing when I smile. I really cannot afford to have the new Periodontist re-do the crown lengthening. The new dentist will use a laser to shape and contour the gums unlike the old dentist who used the electro surgery tool to burn away excess gum tissue. The new dentist uses the E-Max veneers instead of the Feldspathic. I pray that there will be translucency and luster to the veneers. The whole experience with Dr Michael Ofir has been encouraging and very different from my prior dentist. He was attentive, took photos, was communicative, showed computer photos of veneer cases and was totally willing to listen to my desires of what I want to achieve. He made a wax up of my old veneers and sculpted how he thought the new ones should look. He reduced the size and bulk of one side to show me the difference. I like the new dentist because he is young, current and at the top of his game. He is not burned out or rushed and really wants to protect his reputation. I never imagined that veneers are so tricky and difficult. It seems so straight forward like getting a crown. This is completely different and I encourage anyone considering veneers to please do your research and homework! You need to actually meet with patients and actually see the dentist's veneer work and not rely only on photos. Even if a dentist does a lot of veneers, this does not necessarily mean that they are great because they tend to make everyone’s veneers look the same. There is a local dentist in my area who is considered the “veneer man” and I was not impressed at all with his veneer work. I just don't want that big Hollywood fake white piano key look. I don't want anyone to spot my veneers and think, "nice veneers." Hope I'm not asking too much. Will keep you updated. Thanks for listening to me vent.

Jul 3, 2018

Wow, that was such a bad experience for starters. I am so glad that I have chosen Dr.Ofir in the first place. I'm still half way through my veneer process but I like the results I have now.

Nov 17, 2018

Hello, my name is Dr Michael Ofir. If you have any concerns or questions about Dental Veneers or Lumineers I will be happy to assist. Ask any time!

Ehols Willie
May 29

Hi, how much does it cost? I think I need two veneers

Dean Yu
Jun 17


I was referred to Dr Michael Ofir from my sister who got her Veneers done by him. She wouldn't stop talking about him and he changed her life so I decided to do the same. Honestly it has been the best decision of my life. I was always extremely self conscious about my smile and how weird my teeth look. I know have the most beautiful smile I love my Veneers and I owe it all to Dr. Ofir, Ben and Tanya! They're an all star team and it was just an overall amazing experience.

Thank you Avalon Dental Center!

Jun 29

Thank you for your feedback, Dean!

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  • Ben Allen
    Sep 7

    Going into the veneers process I really didn’t know much about how it all worked and I did not know anyone personally to talk to about it. So I was simply searching reviews. I hopped on Google to find the most reputable cosmetic dentist in Massachusetts area to do a consult. I found the Dental Veneers and Lumineers and I really loved their reviews so I contacted them. It was really awesome consult and I made an appointment. And finally made my way to Dr.Ofir Michael, the Dental Veneers and Lumineers a serendipitous discovery if I've ever had one. He's a very professional dentist and, lucky for me, I was able to have him work on my own smile. After evaluating my teeth and listening to my own hopes and dreams for their future look, Dr.Ofir Michael explained he'd apply veneers on the top and bottom of my teeth. During the consult, Dr.Ofir's assistants took molds of my mouth to create the look of temporary veneers, which are sculpted using a liquid composite. Everything is taken into account when creating your new smile, from the way you talk to the shape of your face, so that’s all works together seamlessly. At my next appointment, he applied the temporaries to my teeth (around a three-hour procedure). Once my teeth were done and ready the final procedure was super easy! They removed my temporary teeth, gently placed my new teeth in one by one to ensure I loved them and then bonded all of them. Once everything was bonded I was good to go and my veneers were on. Finally, I came back once more for a bite check and final approval. It was a crazy feeling! When you see your new teeth for the first time it is amazing and I will tell you it takes a few days to get used to them but now they feel like my own teeth and I don’t even see them as veneers. Now when I look in the mirror I feel so much more confident that I found Dental Veneers and Lumineers . My smile is brighter, the teeth fill out my mouth much better, and my whole face has a different. In the days following my final veneers appointment, I found myself smiling much bigger and wider. My smile has changed and my confidence has changed and it is all because of my teeth! Dr.Ofir Michael has completely changed my outlook more than I ever thought possible, and I couldn't be happier. Overall I am so happy with my experience and so happy that I took the plunge. If you’re considering veneers I highly recommend finding Dr.Ofir Michael, Dental Veneers and Lumineers in Massachusetts area and just go in for the consult to see what he says!
  • lcdshop01
    Apr 9

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  • lcdshop01
    Apr 6

    Dental services are required by everyone. It is necessary that people give importance to dental visits. It is actually quite difficult to choose the best dentist for your family. Before doing that, you can read the reviews of the dentistry and then decide.

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